Promote your Business on Linescape

With a Linescape Account, you can reach thousands of shippers and forwarders, at the precise moment when they are ready to buy container transport. You can target your promotion to specific audiences, at specific times and displayed only on trade lanes you specify, in order to effectively deliver your message. Several account types are available to provide low cost but powerful platform to advertise your business:

"Account Types"
- Available Services
Freight Forwarders
NVOCC & Forwarder
Shipping Lines
Any Advertisers
- Listing in Forwarders Directory Yes Yes - -
- Display Your Banner Ads Yes Yes Yes Yes
- Display Your Sailing Schedules - Yes Yes -

Linescape uses a Pay-per-Impression model - you only pay for services if and when they are seen. No monthly charges, no contract, and no minimum term. You may cancel at any time. Of course, if you prefer, we can also offer monthly rates as an alternative.

Do it yourself

Linescape puts you in control. There's no time wasted waiting for someone to respond. You can manage everything yourself from within your own Linescape Account at any time, 24 hours a day.

  • You open your company's account and can give access to your colleagues
  • You select the countries or tradelanes searched that will display your service
  • You may upload to your repository as many advertising images as you wish
  • You create as many campaigns as needed, one for each trade lane or ad
  • You can set starting dates and ending dates for each service if you wish
  • You may pause any campaign or service and restart it at any time

Decide your own budget

Linescape is completely flexible. You simply charge-up your account with any amount you wish, at any time. You pay by credit card quickly and securely through Google Checkout. Minimum payment is only $75. Your campaigns or services run until your account balance falls to zero. Add more funds to keep it going. No need to worry; you will receive a reminder by email as your account balance runs low.

Follow your statistics

Linescape displays your campaign or service statistics in your account so you can follow the number of impressions and clicks over time. You can judge the effectiveness of each each campaign or service, by CTR, then make adjustments as necessary, to maximise conversions.

Get started now

If you have received a Validation Code, then click the Sign Up Now button.

If you have not received a Validation Code, then please apply to Linescape Accounts. We will send you a PDF brochure with details and rates, along with the Validation Code in order to sign up.